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Portrait of Andrew

I build usable software that makes complex tasks simple. I'm the founder of SSLMate, which makes it easy to obtain SSL certificates at scale, through automation and good user experience. At SSLMate, I created the world's first command line tool to get publicly-trusted SSL certificates entirely from the command line, and the first self-service API for automated certificate issuance.

I'm also interested in the use of verifiable data structures to reduce the need to blindly trust third parties with our security. I'm an expert in Certificate Transparency, and contribute to the IETF's Public Notary Transparency working group and the discussions about web browser Certificate Transparency policy. At SSLMate, I develop a Certificate Transparency monitor called Cert Spotter that you can use to protect your domains from unauthorized certificates.

I like crypto, as in cryptography.

I use he/him pronouns.

I am not for hire.