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In reply to Hardening OpenVPN for DEF CON

Reader Victor Dorneanu on 2015-11-15 at 16:26:

Hi Andrew!

First thanks for this excellent article. I was playing around with your hook script and then I've noticed that nothing really happens. Having a look at your script I've seen this one:

/sbin/ip route show dev $dev table main | while read route

In my client conf I have:

# Add extra client protection script-security 2 setenv OPENVPN_ROUTE_TABLE 94 route-noexec route-up /usr/local/bin/route route

The connection is being successfully established, however the tun0 device has no ip routes at all, so in that case

/sbin/ip route show dev $dev table main | while read route

will cause nothing to happen.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Victor


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