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In reply to How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet

Reader Christopher W. Carpenter on 2016-09-29 at 01:03:

I agree with a large part of this. The only things I disagree about:

1. As a user and hobbyist system admin, systemd has numerous advantages over sysv init(which was the only previous init system to be installed by default on most distributions). So I would not say it has "very few" advantages over other init systems (I haven't used the other more modern init systems enough to have an informed opinion there). I also think having one standard init system between most distributions is very nice, so the fragmentation of the previous non-sysv solutions annoyed me.

2. Systemd, by definition, does not use a "proprietary" DBUS API nor "proprietary" interfaces. See if you don't believe me. Anyone can legally and practically implement a systemd DNS service clone that communicates via d-bus exactly like the systemd one, if they wish. That being said, I agree that it can still be a problem since it forces others to either imitate systemd's interface or get applications to use something standardized instead/as well.


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