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In reply to How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet

Reader Baylink on 2016-09-29 at 18:48:

I continue not to understand why so many high-profile distributions' Release Configuration Managers drank the Flavor-Aid.

And the bad part is not that they did, but that because they did, packages are no longer required to have initscripts for sane inits, meaning that you have no choice: you either run systemd (read: shoot yourself in the head), or you build initscripts by hand for every package you want to run.

The only thing worse is reading the replies from systemd partisans when it's explained to them why the choices systemd's design makes are bad engineering practice -- am I the only one who thinks the structure of these replies is way too similar to the replies one hears from Trump supporters when it's explained why he is bad engineering practice? :-)

Added this article to my list of "Why systemd is bad" articles; added the supporting commenters to my list of "people never to hire or recommend for responsible software engineering jobs".


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