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Anonymous on 2016-10-02 at 06:45:

The linux "basesystem" is called the "kernel" and is normally named vmlinuz. systemd IS NOT the BASESYSTEM of ANY LINUX distro - it is a service manager - which used to handled by initd - which only did one thing - init processes. It IS possible to TEST for magic numbers as well as review code. Good coding principles: 1. DRY - Don't repeat yourself - strings should exist in one place and be declared const. The length of the string if used often should be should be recorded as a singleton value also marked const at initialization. 2. Initialization is Instantiation. Goes without saying. There should not be ANY arithmatic with static numbers when doing text parsing. +15 and +XYZ is the exact same number of instructions in assembly. There is no code savings or clock cycle savings.

Learn to speak intelligently before you post.


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