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Andrew Ayer


How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet

Comment by Anonymous

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I'm not against systemd in principle (although I don't use distros/versions based on it, as I've had problems with it in the past) - although I do get very disturbed by reports of the ever-increasing scope of its control.

I AM against not having the option whether or not to use it (and I get the red mist when I read that systemd is permanently welded into a particular distro/version, and if I don't like it, I should go elsewhere.)

One thing really puzzles me. We now have devuan - systemd-free fork of debian. Apparently (based on Google searches at any rate) no one has tried producing a systemd-free fork of Red Hat or CentOS 7 (or any other RPM-based distro) (or, if someone has, he/she isn't letting on.) Why not? Given the existence of devuan, I can't believe that it would be an impossible task.

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