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Andrew Ayer


How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet

Comment by Anonymous

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I'm late to the party on this, and doubt anyone will see my comment, but after reading "...Been saying it for a while...systemd is ready made for a rootkit." I felt I had to.

There are already rootkits in the wild. Systemd is a nasty piece of work. I'm back to slackware now and it took eons to get a clean install. My whole system was junked.

I can't go into detail because it would take a dissertation to explain everything and as a linux user of more than 20 years still don't fully understand, but basically it involves the use of systemd, containers - and actually uses portions of selinux against you. You think you su in bash but you're not root. Real root is 'above' root. All formatting say /dev/sda1 does is format the container equivalent of what's called /dev/sda1 so it's a nightmare to break out of. Shit is copied back on reinstall of other systems.

Sorry for incorrect terms (English second language).

| Posted on 2017-06-30 at 04:52:09 UTC by Anonymous | Reply to This

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