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Andrew Ayer


I Don't Accept the Risk of SHA-1

Comment by Reader Thomas

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I believe that the big CAs already have cross signed SHA2 intermediaries anyway already, is it not just a matter of "stamp your foot down" and insist on a SHA2 intermediary?

Fully agree, "accepting risk" is a really stupid argument. You cannot accept risk... "Yes, my car has a faulty tyre, the light doesn't work and the seatbelt isn't working, I accept the risk in driving 70mph in the middle of the night" - here it sounds stupid, really stupid.

I love this SHA1 thingy. And how "certain" people get wound up and disagree just to disagree it seems, like:

Then there is also I found this once a long time ago.

Last but not least, I recently had to argue with my broadband supplier at home, as their site to download bills only supports TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 as a cipher suite. Yeah, it is 2015, right? We are talking about SHA1 here.



| Posted on 2015-10-09 at 09:51:51 UTC by Reader Thomas | Reply to This

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