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Andrew Ayer


LibreSSL's PRNG is Unsafe on Linux [Update: LibreSSL fork fix]

Comment by Reader John Spencer

Posted in reply to Comment by Andrew Ayer.

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it's not just a missing /dev/urandom, but also resource exhaustion (for example out-of-fd's) than can cause open("/dev/urandom", ...) to fail. an attacker may find ways to make your application run out of fds (for example by creating many connections).

aborting the program from a library however is very bad and precludes usage of said library in a robust application. they should rather just return an error code when getentropy() fails, so the library user can handle the error gracefully (and if he doesn't check the return value, it's neither the library's fault nor responsibility). doing an abort/kill is only acceptable if the API is misdesigned in a way that prevents checking for such an error.

| Posted on 2014-07-16 at 13:50:36 UTC by Reader John Spencer | Parent | Reply to This

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