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Andrew Ayer


Renewing an SSL Certificate Without Even Logging in to My Server

Comment by Reader Gary Mort

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Interesting and very neat...of course this completely violates the terms of issuing EV Certificates. EV Certificates assure that a human being actually checks and verifies the information - by automating that process SSLMate instead only "verifies the information by a human being" once - when the certificate is first issued. So SSLMate EV certificates offer a false sense of security to end users.

I'm sorry to sound so critical, honestly it's not you specifically - early every security "professional" falls into this well worn trap - they spend time obsessing over little intricate details but completely ignore the human element of security. It is a well designed sandbox to play with security, but it should not be used in the real world.

| Posted on 2015-05-05 at 16:18:52 UTC by Reader Gary Mort | Reply to This

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