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Andrew Ayer


Systemd is not Magic Security Dust

Comment by Anonymous

Posted in reply to Comment by Reader DES.

This comment is owned by whoever posted it. I am not responsible for it in any way.

If you sincerely believe that rewriting [...] software in a memory-safe language would make it inherently more secure [...]

(emphasis mine)

Ooh, that's a nice strawman you've got there.

The author wrote:

To provide a meaningful improvement to security without rewriting in a memory-safe language, Apache would need to [...]

Which doesn't state that rewriting is the only thing needed to make it more secure. You're misrepresenting his "rewriting is one possible necessary condition, but I do not state whether it is a sufficient one" to "rewriting is one possible necessary and sufficient condition to making the software safer".

Not sure whether to attribute this to malice or accidental (or emotion-influenced) lack of reading comprehension.

Given the history of tactics employed by pro-systemd (and to be fair, anti-systemd) folks, it's getting harder to give the benefit of doubt. But I (and others, I hope) should strive to keep the discussion free of fame wars and intellectual dishonesty, right?

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