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In reply to Thoughts on the Systemd Root Exploit

Reader Nobody of Import on 2017-01-26 at 16:32:

Heh... The lock-in is from people that haven't a single damned clue about "mission critical" code from the beginning.

Lennart hasn't done a single project that wasn't troubled, painful, and didn't work so hot until he left it behind. Not PulseAudio, not Avahi, not systemd. He didn't really manage to get it "right" with his very first little project on the design front (You inject as much as 100 msec of latency into sound the perception level of human hearing...making games difficult to get right...just for starters)- and filled with design features that are...iffy to begin with. Network audio?

Avahi's overengineered but finally useful. Pulse is MOSTLY "good".

But that's in-spite of Lennart. And you're letting this man design and oversee coding that is very much and fundamentally mission critical is job one. They don't care because if it crashes and takes the whole OS with it, we'll just launch a new Container. Yes, this was all done to make containers easier and NOTHING ELSE. There's other ways, other answers to do that, but we're off letting Red Hat lock us in, yet again, into what is good for them and really solely them (ALSA was another example...OSS4, if we'd sorted out the licensing issues was superior and easier to work with, etc. But Red Hat jammed THAT down our throats as well...)

Well, some are working, rather than just bitching, on answers there, myself included.


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