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Andrew Ayer


Thoughts on the Systemd Root Exploit

Comment by Anonymous

This comment is owned by whoever posted it. I am not responsible for it in any way.

My comment will be an off-topic criticism of systemd.

I don't understand why people still think of systemd as an init system, when it's not; in my opinion, systemd is a high-level kernel designed to run on top of a low-level kernel, which is Linux. The two projects may as well be merged into one, and then sensible people would just reinvent the old script-based init for practical reasons.

Systemd's developers have repeatedly demonstrated their poor judgment and unfitness to hold such responsibility. Unfortunately, the lock-in they're creating will deprive people of the ability to vote with their feet and switch to better alternatives.

There exist alternative distros in the form of Devuan and Slackware, so voting with feet is still possible.

Finally I'll leave this here, a list of things that systemd does (yet probably shouldn't):

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