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Andrew Ayer


Why Do Hackers Love Namecheap and Hate

Comment by Reader Mike

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Nice article and I happen to agree 100% with you. Why would a domain registrar be bad for what they do with their DNS services? The DNS services is not related to the domain registration service. Its a hosting service for hosting your records with them and most registrars offer that service for free.

I don't agree with what they do. Actually, its a violation of the DNS protocol, you should not resolve invalid or non existing requests so people bashing them for that have a valid point but...

You don't have to use their DNS service, or email service, or web site service or anything else if you don't want. Its optional.

As a registrar of domains they are great. So is Hover. I think that one is the only one that is actually just focused on domains and its not trying to sell anything else either.

That is hard to find today. A company which only does domains and nothing more.

| Posted on 2015-08-29 at 07:42:03 UTC by Reader Mike | Reply to This

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