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Andrew Ayer


I Don't Accept the Risk of SHA-1

Comment by Andrew Ayer

Posted in reply to Comment by Reader Thomas.

This comment is owned by whoever posted it. I am not responsible for it in any way.

Accepting risk for yourself is fine. What isn't fine is accepting risk on behalf of other people, which is what happens when a vocal minority demands that the SHA-1 deprecation date be extended.

SHA-2 intermediates don't help. As long as CAs are signing with SHA-1, and web browsers are accepting SHA-1 certificates, everyone is vulnerable to SHA-1, even those who use a 100% SHA-2 chain. That's why it's so important to kill SHA-1 as soon as possible, and not extend the deadline.

| Posted on 2015-10-09 at 15:59:02 UTC by Andrew Ayer | Parent | Reply to This

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